Raife Ozgul Nopson  recommends All Around Personal Assistant, LLC.

November 13, 2018 · 

Great service , very caring, professional, prompt, giving care like family. I would highly recommend

Carolyn R.   Feb 2, 2016 

Just love Linda and her team at All Around Personal Assistant. I am lucky to have found her. My Mom who is 89 wants to keep her independence and Linda and her team give my Mom that freedom. My Mom just enjoys Linda and is very happy with the Service. I have piece of mind that my Mom can get around given I live in another state. I really appreciate the very loving and caring service provided by this fantastic team.

Hazel S   Mar 12, 2016 

My mother was in her late eighties, still living alone and maintaining her own home when we contacted Linda for assistance. Mom was VERY independent and didn't think she needed help (and for the most part she didn't need much help). However, as most adult children know, there comes a time when it is nice just to have someone check in on your loved one and accompany them on their errands. Linda is a very compassionate and caring person and it didn't take Mom long to admit that " it is kind of nice having someone to help me with my errands." Since my sister and I both lived in other states, Linda became our point of contact to find out just how Mom was "really" doing. Knowing Linda was there if Mom needed her was a blessing to us all. Mom looked forward to her days with Linda and we were happy that Linda was there for Mom. It gave us all peace of mind. If you are looking for someone to be of assistance to yourself, or for a loved one, I would certainly recommend Linda without reservation.

Betty E.   Feb 4, 2016 

As having personally experienced Linda's innate ability to work with seniors when my mother was terminally ill, it is with pleasure that I highly recommend her services. Linda's compassion, genuine care and dependability are all exemplary attributes to her character. I firmly believe she is an angel from God sent to administer care and assistance to those in need. All Around Personal Assistant is defnitely a highly recommended service.

Heather S.   Jan 19, 2016 

You won't find anyone more patient and caring to take care of your family than this company. They go above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of and all your needs are met. I highly recommend them!!

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